Gait Analysis for Athletes & Children

Athletes make up one of the largest population groups which require orthothic insoles. Due to daily exercise regimes and loading of the lower limbs related foot morphology problems can develop resulting in athletes experiencing intense fatigue or even pain. The formation of appropriate insoles is necessary for the improvement of the athlete's functional ability during sport but also during other activities of daily living. The insoles , additionally, help to reduce the occurance of muscular injury and reduce the occurance of injuries caused by mechanical damage.

The use of orthotic insoles is appropriate in numerous pediatric patient cases. Some of the most common conditions experienced by children are listed below:

  • Decreased foot arch ( Flat Foot)
  • Clubfoot (Talipes Cavus)
  • Knock Knees
  • Bowleg
  • Inward or outward rotation of the foot during gait
  • Leg length discrepancies