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Physio Naxos Center

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About Us

The Rehabilitation Center Revitalise your Senses and Refresh your Mind!

Efstathios Perrakis founded the Rehabilitation Center, based on his ideas and vision of a physical recovery site, in 2014. The Center covers the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiorespiratory conditions as well as the custom formation of orthotics for lower limb conditions.

A physiotherapist, graduate of ΑΤΕΙ Lamia and diploma holder from the German Academy of Europaische Akademie fur Manuelle & Manipulative Therapy.
Since 2014 when the Rehabilitation Center 'Perrakis Efstratios'' was founded, the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal, neurological and cardiorespiratory conditions has occurred in the Chora region of Naxos Island. The centre specializes in Manual Therapy techniques (Orthopedic Treatment with Handling), with the main aim of delivering appropriate treatment with modern physiotherapy modalities, and assistive technology.
Efstratios has participated and continues to participate in various refresher courses in physiotherapy and rehabilitation evaluation to stay up to date with continuous developments in research and science in the field of healthcare.


The centre is located in an easily accessible region a few metres away from the National Bank of Greece and the DEH building in Chora, Naxos with available parking for all, including people with disabilities. The positive approach and plesant atmosphere of the centre in conjunction with the quality of services guarantee your desired rehabilitation results.